Thanks for using KISS by Monster Mini Golf Scorecard App.  We’ve built in over 25 downloadable wallpapers for you to enjoy on your device.  Some may be left scratching their heads “well where are they?!”

It’s simple and there are 3 ways!

1.  The Main Menu. Anyplace that says “Menu” will take you to our main menu.  Scroll to the bottom to find our KISS-Inspired wallpapers.  There are 10 wallpapers here to enjoy, all custom made by our in-house graphics designer.











2.  In-game Experience. On any of the 18 holes just click the hole number in the top right corner to access the drop down menu.  Click Wallpaper to save the current hole’s image as your wallpaper!  18 holes = 18 wallpapers!











3.  In-store Experience. Check out our display at Hole 1 in Las Vegas.  We will have promotions and other freebies like wallpaper for you to scan and download!

All wallpapers save to your camera roll, so just go to the “Photos” app to find your images!