We’ve had the pleasure of having iOS 5 for quite some time.  Some late beta releases had indicated that users may use custom tones for text messages.  Since the world’s cell phone population exceeds the amount of people with hands, this is a necessary new feature.  I can’t tell you how many times we see people thinking they got a text and it was someone else’s phone.  Here we’re going to show you how to make your own tones from songs/files that you already own.  Just keep in mind iTunes already offers many great tones for just $0.99.

Here’s how you do it on a Mac:

STEP 1 – Find a song you own and love.  For us, we selected Love Gun by KISS® in iTunes.  Make sure to right click to “Show in Finder”.  This will find your file on your computer.




STEP 2 – Create a new Garage Band ringtone file.  Delete the current track.  Now drag the file into garage band.

STEP 3 - Double click the track to pull up the track editor.  For our project, fortunately the part of the song we want is the introduction.  Place your cursor over the bottom half of the track editor until your cursor turns into a crosshair.  Select the part of the track that you want to DELETE.  Select only a few seconds of the track and press delete (or cut).  Your track should now look like below:









STEP 4 - Now select the remaining track that you don’t need and delete that too.  You should be left with your Tone.  But you’re not done yet!

STEP 5 – Ensure that the LOOP is enabled, and drag the yellow bar to be the duration of your tone.  You can now press play to confirm you’ve got the selection you wanted.  Make sure they are less than 15 seconds.








STEP 6 – Once you’re satisfied with your track, go to the menu bar and select Share–>Send Ringtone to iTunes.




STEP 7 – Now in iTunes you can change the track name to whatever you want.  I usually write “Tone” in front of my text tones so they’re all alphabetized in the same place.

And that’s it!  With iOS 5 (I think iOS4 too!) you can assign tones to specific callers, but more importantly customize your Ringtone, Text Tone, New Voicemail, New Mail, Sent Mail, Tweets, etc.

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