iOS 5 was just announced and is already in our hands at JAMB Innovations.  Most of you will have to wait until Fall for these features as we test (and enjoy) them now.  Many other blogs will show you pictures but we still believe in that strict non-disclosure agreement about the features.  Today, we just wanted to go over our bucket list to see where Apple went right.

Home Screen Overhaul

We were looking for a more major overhaul of the main screen, but we give ourselves 1 point for this prediction.  Apple added a new Notification System that keeps your alerts in one place, and displays them beautifully on the home screen.  Pretty much everything we asked for: “Want stock quotes?  Today’s weather?  Upcoming iCal events or alarms?  Latest email?” made it to the notification center.  Here’s Apple’s official word on the new features:

There are a few more features that they added to the home screen, but we’re not letting the cat out of the bag.  Let’s just say it’ll be easier to access a few more things without “unlocking” the phone.

JAMB Innovations 1/1

Application Overhaul

There were a few application overhauls, so we’ll go step by step on each one.

iCal. APPLE FINALLY BROUGHT US WEEK VIEW!  It’s as simple as turning the phone into landscape view.  It’s not what I would have designed, as the scale is still a bit off, but it’s finally a step in the right direction.  Official imagery below from

JAMB Innovations 2/2

Phone. There are many features we wanted here, so we’ll go right down the list.

Favorites – There doesn’t appear to be any change at this time.  No ability to add pictures, or add the person to the home screen.  We get docked a point for this one.

JAMB Innovations 2/3

Recents – We requested the ability to clear just 1 call at a time, and Apple listened.  There’s now an edit button in the top right corner.

JAMB Innovations 3/4

Contacts – There are some minor changes not worth mentioning, but certainly nothing that met our expectations

JAMB Innovations 3/5

Ringtones – We’ll just say we nailed this one!  Ringtones are going to be more customizable.

JAMB Innovations 4/6

Keypad – Still no “traditional” speed dial by holding the button.

JAMB Innovations 4/7

SMS. We will take the point on this one too, along with ringtones!

JAMB Innovations 5/8

Weather. They didn’t bring us what we wanted, but at the least the app was refreshed with a “local weather” section to work with your GPS, and also a “weather on the hour” feature.

We’ll take another point for the weather refresh.  JAMB Innovations 6/9.

Clock. I didn’t notice any changes.

JAMB Innovations 6/10

iChat. Well, we actually DID nail it on the head with this one, but instead of iChat, they called it iMessage.  Check out the features here:

JAMB Innovations 7/11

Notification Overhaul

We nailed this one too, but we think that everyone expected to get the new notifications.  We’ll take the point anyway though!

JAMB Innovations 8/12


I didn’t see any profile settings that would change based on your location, or based on any interchangeable settings.  Regardless, it looks like with the new Notification Center, Apple may have paved way for a feature like this in the future.

JAMB Innovations 8/13


iOS5 is a major revision of the already great iOS4.  Integrated with other features like iCloud, Apple has yet again changed the iPhone not with hardware, but with an epic software update.  It seemed like decades ago when we only had 1 page of Apps on the first iPhone, and all it would do is send email, SMS and phone calls.  It’s epic feature was visual voicemail.  We now have dozens of features that totally change the way we use our mobile devices.

Apple is showing us that the groundbreaking new features are already available with our current hardware – but all we need is creative thought-put to have software reinvent the current device.  We’re pretty proud of our 8/13 predictions.  We’re not going to lie they weren’t all novel ideas and some of them were expected.  Conversely, they were all features I had requested via Apple’s Feedback, so it is clear that Apple listens to its customers.

Expect iOS5 this fall, with no clear sight on new hardware at this time.